What is a literature work?

Literary works are scientific papers that answer a question or hypothesis based on secondary literature. The literary work not only answers the given research question, but at the same time reflects the current state of research on the selected topic. The literature research is the heart of the literature work The literature search can be

Scientific citation

May I quote a dissertation / master thesis / bachelor thesis? Scientific citation follows several narrowly defined rules. Not every source is suitable for scientific work. After all, the sources that are used for a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral thesis, must be of a certain scientific goodness and also meet the criterion of verifiability. May

Font in a bachelor thesis

The right font in a bachelor thesis Here you will learn everything you need to know about the font and size for your scientific work. Which font for scientific papers? The layout of a bachelor thesis or master thesis should be easy to read. If this is not the case, an unfavorable layout can have