Dimitris Tasoudis

drums, piano, percussion, keys, midi, soundscapes, guitar

all music composed by dimitris tasoudis except 'Afro Blue' (composed by Mongo Santamaria) and 'Μουσικό Σχολείο Κατερίνης: επίσκεψη-ηχογράφηση στο στούντιο Cue'.


Dimitris Tasoudis is currently a music teacher in secondary education, in Pieria, Greece.
He holds a BA in Musicology (focusing on analysis) from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
He holds degrees of Composition and Classical Percussion from the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.
Also, a MA in Contemporary studies (department of Music, York, UK) combining perfomance of contemporary repertoire for percussion with composition as a reversed form of analysis.

As a drummer, and after attending lessons with Mr Nikos Sidirokastritis, and various workshops, he performs and records with different ensembles (Magnanimus Trio, Modal 4, Duet).

As a composer, he worked with the ensemble ‘Prefabricated Quartet’ scoring for films. He now works on his own in this particular area (1st prize:koyinta.gr/index.php?option=co…0&Itemid=29&lang=en).

He has also taught at the department of Music Studies ‘improvisation on percussion instruments’ and at the department of Film Studies (both departments belong to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) ‘sound and music in films’.

In his compositions, as in his playing style, he tries to combine the clarity, finesse and demanding character of contemporary music with the spontaneity and freshness of improvised music, either jazz or free.

He is interested in the use of metaphor and metonymy in film music being a PhD student, supervised by Petros Vouvaris.