Ermis Georgiadis - The Stray Signal

Ermis Georgiadis was born in Paris and is a resident of Athens, Greece. During the last decades he is trying to fool everyone that he knows how to play the piano, the guitar, the bass and the harmonica. In order to achieve this goal, he learned how to use a computer sequencer and by putting it all together he made his first track in 1993.

Overtly reflecting true love for reformation of his influences, Ermis's music travels through a colorful, experimental landscape of electronica, being so bluesy and funky that its jazz roots appear blurred in the background. Some will be disappointed by discovering that the hip hop element is more pronounced over reggae and Brazilian drum ‘n’ bass and others will be amazed to find that greek rembetiko and french chanson meets 70’s soul in a trip hop environment while flirting with some kinky acid jazz textures. Ermis simply calls it "Psychotherapy".

In Sep 2006 he cooperated with FT Bletsas, TV Host on Alpha TV (Foodmusic Entertainment) for a series of educational shows combining traveling, food & music as DJ, session keyboardist and music producer. These shows resulted in the production of an EP of 6 original songs themed around food and a video clip.

2009 found him to voluntarily engage himself in the production of 3 original songs along with young members of the rehabilitation center KETHEA (vocals/lyrics) that were presented live and as parts of the soundtrack on an informative video about drug use.

In Sep 2010, as Plik Trash, he teamed up with Skinothetis, founding member of the greek hip hop group FF.C and aspiring young street artist/rapper Everhi to form Recovery, a hip hop trio.
Meanwhile, he was keeping himself busy by working with journalists Aris Chatzistefanou and Katerina Kitidi (Infowar Productions) to create and produce original music for the crowd-funded documentaries "Debtocracy" (Apr 2011), "Catastroika" (Apr 2012), "Fascism Inc." (Apr 2014) and "This Is Not A Coup" (Apr 2016) and collaborated with singers/songwriters Theodoros Anastasiou, Elena Delichristou and Rigas Skepetaris (Exodos Kindynou) as "The Stray Signal".

From Sep 2010 to Sep 2014, he played keyboards in the greek pop-rock band "Vitro" accompanying singer-songwriter Ilias Makridis.

2016 finds him occupying the keyboardist role in Rigas Skepetaris' full band and working on new original material.