Deep In Mind

Deep In Mind is a chill out, psychedelic, downtempo, ethnic band. They were formed in 2010 in Greece due to a music project of Bjorn Alexandridis aka Bjorn Alpha. The journey begun with Panagiotis Mavrakis , Charalambos Symianakis, and Alexandra Aspridou. In 2011 after completing his studies in Spain, Marios Podaras returns to Greece, joins the band and become the basic core along with Bjorn. From 2012 and on, those two, are running the Deep In Mind Project.

Bjorn Alexandridis – composition, production, synths,samplers,programming, classic guitar, keybords, Cretan lyra, Handpan
Marios Podaras – composition, violin, electric/acoustic/classic guitar, manoleon, keybords


In their tracks also featuring the following musicians:

Panagiwtis Mavrakis – electric/classic guitar
Charalambos Symianakis – persian santour, percussions
Alexandra Aspridou – flute
Kai Lena – Vocals
Minas Pegniotakis – percussions
Kostas Ageris – pontic lyra
Mark Wijers aka Indo – drums


Liquid Seed Recordings - " Seeds of Thought " compiled by A.i.A
Track: Deep In Mind - Bicycle Day…mpiled-by-a-i-a

Namaha Records - "Crying Trees" compiled by Ambient Terrorist A.K.A Fishimself
Track: Deep In Mind - Bat Yam

Ektoplazm - "Into This Wired Abyss Volume 2" compiled by Atman Construct
Track: Deep In Mind - Senses…ired-abyss-vol-2

Ektoplaszm - "Turlitava 2" compiled by Anub1s
Track: Deep In Mind - Nimphaea Alba

No Label - "Into This Wired Abyss Volume 1" compiled by Atman Construct
Track: Deep In Mind - Aura

Uxmal Records - "When Melancholy speaks" compiled by lemonchill
Track: Deep In Mind - Nerium Oleander


Plusquam Records - Deep In Mind - Dialogue

UXMAL Records - Deep In Mind - Guerilla


Lemonchill - I missed a heartbeat(Deep In Mind remix)…nd-remix/5699949