AUditors DOmination

Dub meets Funk with traditional Greek sounds!
Latin, Cuban and Tango elements can be found in their music.
— Timewarp

B i o g r a p h y
From their formation in 2008 Auditors Domination found themselves digging into various music genres, blending traditional with electronic music , based on a world beat treatment.


Au.Do keep the standards high, showcasing an eclectic taste in harvesting, ‘threshing’ and mingling global sounds and styles. Their mix of funk, world and dub music in the downtempo tradition is remarkably pleasant.
— Freegas

By listening to their sound , their music travels you through the continents , the listener will realize that their worldwide style and groove will give him a sense of freedom.


Economic collapse or not, these Greece musicians refuse to let the art die and push on to give us their debut album Palace of Light
— hillydilly

Music world got a first taste of Auditors Domination in 2012 with their album named “Palace of Light “.The album is a mix of electronic and ethnic sounds, colored with dub melods.Thr main idea is that all kinds of music instruments can be combined at infinitum and succeed in creating some wonderful soundapes.


Rounding out the release of Empresarios Volume Remixed Ep, is Estereolismo , remixed by Greek downtempo masters Auditors Domination who turn an instrumental track into a modern lounge classic.
— Fort Knox Recordings

Their next step was collarating with many well known artists such as Palyria, Thomas Blondet, Second Sky, Basement Freaks, Nile Philips, Empresarios and more.


Our style and sound has become recognizable and that makes us feel very happy! Music field is a hudge one and inspirations never stop. We felt it was time to produce new stuff.
— Stelios and Michael explain

After a series of live shows the band is on stage of producing new material . Their upcoming work is based on the production principals that characterize them.