New e.p. from Roadrunner

Ιt all started existentially with sounds from the 80s and 90s, fanatically collecting cassettes and vinyl. After serious “diggin”, his first contact with music expressionism was, as a d.j. at a local café-bar in hometown, Kilkis city in Greece. Love for composition including personal expression with the cultivation of music education led to the first steps into production. Over time and with continuous passion for music production as a hobby came the first ep under the nickname “CaptaiNeedle” (For a loss of a friend) for Spaceal Orbeats, with influences from the deep techno, house and ambient scene.

Another two tracks released on BFuzz Records, as CaptaiNeedle moniker including influences from the progressive house, trance, Detroit deep house scene respectively started fueling things up. Great commenting from producers brought him a step closer to V.I.M. Records. In a very short period of time a second ep “Farewell Letter” under the name Roadrunner was released on V.I.M. with chill step, deep house elements. Finally, a solo album “Roadrunner-Riverside” on V.I.M. expanded his official discography. Support from the V.I.M. company stepped things up to a release of a remake album concept. Tracks refreshed by major Greek and foreign producers. The trip continued with a track release (electronic,deep house style) for Deep Art Records.

With darker compositions and clear influences from Burial, Stumbleine, Sun Glitters and Phaeleh, he is much closer now to 2step, future garage elements Athanasios Margaritidis aka Roadrunner is processing his soul to walk further down and make some “Noise |In| Dreams” (N|I|D). An unreleased ep as “N|I|D” (Nightwalk (to the stars) during 2014, gained ecstatic feedback and national airplay, leading him out of bounds for an artist tribute on Mastermind Magazine (UK).