Poka is a music producer and Dj from Athens , Greece. 
Poka does not like labels and genres and believes that music should connect and not divide people. Poka's music is a collection of memories that involves practically every kind of music but Daft Punk is the act that has shaped the production style the most. 
The prevalent characteristic sound comes from sampling every kind of music that has influenced his musical taste while growing up. From Soul to Techno everything can be included to his diverse dj sets. 
Poka has played in numerous venues in the hometown Athens since 2009 & organised parties with international guests through the Athenian based 'Symposium' (Συμποsium) team that was co-founded by Poka in 2012. 
Poka has also performed in Seychelles (Ocean beat Festival, 2010), Warsaw (Poland) and Plissken Festival (Athens, 2010).

Poka has also been associated with the following acts/projects : 
Stellastarz, Bronson, Palm Trees, Flippinradio

contact/bookings/requests : dimitris.poka@gmail.com