George Avramidis Protocol

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george avramidis-trumpet,glockenspiel,vocals(6)

stefanos lazarinos-sax,rhodes,kalimba

kostas sifakis-bass

chris sarkatzis-guitar

eddie spaapen-percussion

pavlos pavlidis-drums

alkis kanidis-rhythm guitar(4),lead guitar(3)

moody alien-glockenspiel

traianos papadopoulos-french horn

hermann newman- percussion, effects Pedals, additional keyboards and synthesizers,mix and mastering (7)

jenny eden- Vocals (7)

george koftis-vocals(4,5)

evlampia tsireli-vocals(2,6)


music-george avramidis

lyrics-evlampia tsireli

artwork by achilleas mess

mixed by GeorgeBoy and Pan

editing by Moody alien

mastering by Chris Megas

produced by george avramidis