Resonent is an electronica-downtempo solo project formed in 2009 in Greece, composed of multi-instrumentalist Stratos Chousos. His music is based upon recorded ideas, assembled in a way of creating musical collages and soundscapes. His first album "Installations" released in Noteale Records (2013), is completely self-produced and mainly self-instrumented.

"Installations" is a project that goes back almost 6 years. All 10 tracks started from colourful ideas based on ordinary moments and dreams… Whereas some of them are bright and iridescent, others were born into sombreness. Raised by fundamental beliefs and carved by indomitable curiosity, all of them transformed into breathtaking soundscapes and sensational melodic collages.


released 21 January 2013

 All songs composed, played and produced by Resonent 

 Cover Artwork by Giorgos Mitrogiorgis

Resonent’s first album “Installations” is released since January 2013, completely self-produced and mainly self-instrumented.


released 10 December 2012 

All tracks composed, played, and produced by Resonent 

Cover Artwork by Resonent


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