dogmother says :

"Did not like the profile? Heh. go fuck yourself. Are you a hater? hate yourself punk. But if you do like it. If you are damn addicted to my shit. Crowd surf through the mosh pit on some rock shit.. Bang your head to this. Pump your fist if you feelin' it..
B A N G,
H E A D"

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Dogmother was born in 1983. From the first years of her life she started activities like eurythmics and broad jump in which she won the lug ribbon. When she was in elementary school she wrote articles about cinema for her schools magazine. Her real love, came when she was 15, and that love was hip-hop.

She first introduced herself to the hip-hop scene in 2001 through the group "Tandra" (2000-2001). Her first live performance was with that group in 2001 in club Ydrogeios in Thessalonica. About 2 years later, when "Tandra" didnt exist, she joined the group "031" (2003) as a member. Parallel to that, she experimented with music production and she finally made it. After 4 years, she decided to join Greek hip-hop again, dynamically this time, alone (2004). With excellent beats - rhymes and presence, she chimed in, with rap and soul sounds to bring her own style which raised her to prominence. Her first live in Athens was with "FF.C", a legendary Greek hip-hop group with which she collaborated on their cd "FF.C Klasika hxografimena" with the track "deka pontous takouni" . The same year, 2 hip-hop collections released 2 different tracks of her's. The first collection was "nu-hop over ground hip-hop collection" with artists from all over the world, and included the track "skyles" which was the first track recorded with the group "tandra". The other collection was "to diasthmoploio" featuring Greek artists and included her track "latrevw to hip-hop".

Until now, Dogmother has took part in 50 live shows at least and has also supported groups and mcs on their shows in Greece, like, Phi Life Cypher and Dos-Non. In 2005 the reporter Argirhs Zilos from the Greek music magazine "difono" devoted an article in it's Aprils issue about her first solo cd "niose loipon" . In July 2005 another magazine, "BE", decided to include an interview with her. In 2005, "FF.C" release their DVD "FF.C Fortified concept 18 xronia oxeirwmenoi" in which Dogmother is featured in a track with them.