Ted Reglis

(Vocals,Keyboards) and

Jim Ver

(Electric,Acoustic Guitars) are


, a Down Tempo Trip Hop band from Athens, Greece .They formed in 2010. With three self funded projects in the musical chest... "Mockbirth", "Housefly"and "Eskimo", they have also released


a compilation full of extra

Greek Wonders

for you to Discover. 9 songs have been twisted and turned into a remix or a cover by ClaytonAlpha, Lowtronik, Resonent, Eyecam, Sigmataf, Tendts, Deadfile, LegoBoy and Mikael Fas. You will find them currently in studio mode recording their first debut album. Urbanish, Underground or Upfront its them in 3D city soundcapes....ears open, an official video will be around the corner soon!