Artist: Lo Tide
Title: Just
Label: Diventa Music
Format: Digital
Management: info@lotide.com.au
Release Date: 14 April 2017

Lo Tide brings thirteen new tracks to the table for his latest album release. Four vocalists can be found on the album, some are collaborators from previous releases and others are debut features. The album starts with darker themes and tones, then moving into more driving and uplifting pieces, before slowing to a drifting release. Sounds for a variety of tastes and pallettes are catered for with the gamet of music on offer; whether you enjoy a slower pace and sparser sounds or want to hear chugging songs full of melodies.
Electronic sounds are combined with acoustic instruments to great effect, giving both that recognised sound while taking the listener to new frontiers. Whatever the listening platform; on your car speakers, in bud headphones at work, through club speakers, played on your home stereo; this album delivers and delivers in full.