September 15th - 21st at ASTOR Theatre & at THE BOX ATHENS

Short films return to the center stage of Athens’ cultural life. Athens International Short Film Festival PSAROKOKALO celebrates its 10th anniversary and returns to the capital, from September 15th to 21st with new ideas, technological innovations and the most interesting films that Greek and international production has to offer. The Festival will be hosted at ASTOR Theatre and THE BOX ATHENS, while the festival’s poster features the original work “Illusions” by Greek artist Timos Leivaditis which was created especially for PSAROKOKALO- X Edition.  


To mark its 10th anniversary, the Athens International Short Film Festival - PSAROKOKALO makes a bold move forward by launching a separate National Competition Section, focusing exclusively on Greek production. This move was decided not because Greek short films are not equal to the international competition, on the contrary, because Greek production has taken giant steps forward, these past years, and the harsh effort of the Greek film makers deserves a better presentation. Film makers and audiences have embraced enthusiastically this idea, as the festival received about 100 applications to this new section. The final programme will be comprised of 12 films, presented in two different screenings and, as always, the audience will be deciding on the award. After the end of each screening, a Q&A will be held with the directors of the films.

At the same time, PSAROKOKALO AISFF is founding a separate international competition section on Ecology. Now – a – days, more and more directors seem to find a point of reference or inspiration in environmental issues of the planet. This year’s ECO competition programme presents 6 films which combine ecology as a theme for entertainment while aiming to inform the public as well. This way they demonstrate, in the most aspiring way, the relation between environment and our modern societies while attesting to the limits of our ecological conscience.

Cinema is not only art but innovation as well. PSAROKOKALO AISFF has always strived to present every exciting new development in the New Media domain. This year we are honored to be the first to showcase in Greece, the first interactive film event ever made: Late Shift is the first feature length production built on the novel interactive movie format CtrlMovie. The audience gets to make decisions on behalf of the main character via an application downloaded in their smartphones and based on the majority of votes, the film keeps running accordingly. Thus, each screening of the film features a new experience with different events taking place in different locations. The film may last from 70 to 90 minutes depending on the wishes of the audience. It was completed in March 2016 and since then, it has been presented in world famed film festivals such as Cannes and Locarno IFF, with BFI London Film Festival, Raindance and New York FF following in its autumn tour.


The International Competition Section of the festival remains the main attraction in our programme an open and independent view on international production which seeks to discover new trends rather than follow them. Having received more than 5500 applications from 70 different countries, it is safe to say the common denominator in the viewpoints of film makers globally, is their skepticism and doubt of the world we live in today. And the 60 films chosen for this year’s programme, may differ in narrative form, aesthetics or the way they depict reality but they all come to remind us of something obvious: there may be another world… but it is incorporated in this one.

This year’s International Competition Section on Architecture explores the relation between space and dance, as its main subject. Let’s suppose that the human body and its movement are those who give life to architecture.The human body as an expression of the soul. Is it space that defines the movement of the body or is it the movement of the body and its anthropometric dimensions that define space after all?

This section features 5 films from Greece, Belgium, Japan, Italy and USA in a programme composed by architect and designer Ersi Krouska. After the end of the screening, a Q&A will be held with the film directors, through skype.

Focus on Japan: Continuing the collaboration with the acclaimed "Short Shorts Film Festival & ASIA", PSAROKOKALO X Edition brings us to the heart of contemporary Japanese Cinema. Seven new films (produced in the last two years) which have already been successfully presented in their country of origin cover a wide variety of subjects, from Sci-Fi to real life. All these subjects however are viewed through the eyes of a culture, so different that our own.


LATE SHIFT – Exhibition and Open Discussion

To accompany the premiere of LATE SHIFT, the first interactive movie ever made, PSAROKOKALO will be hosting an exhibition with printed and digital material from the production. Print outs of the interactive script, an A3 sized version of the whole multioptional script as well as an 11 minute “making of” documentary will guide the audience through the process of creating a film where everything is defined by our personal choice. At the same time, two members of the production team, including associate producer Caroline Feder, will be visiting Athens, to explain to us, step by step, the philosophy behind the new technology of CTRL Movie, the possibilities and challenges it offers film makers and how it could change the narrative means of film, as we know them today.


During the whole festival, the PSAROKOKALO X edition film market will be functioning at THE BOX, by scheduled appointments. To schedule an appointment, please send us an email with your communication details and film of interest at or call us at 6930902022.

We’ll take it from there!



Following its tradition, the festival awards in all competition sections are decided by the audience with the use of a special voting coupon which is given together with your ticket at the theatre box office. The announcement of the winners will take place on Wednesday September 21st, after the last screening and will be followed by the festival closing party where we hope to see you all. The award its self is an original clay work by artist Natassa Kalogeropoulou, especially designed for PSAROKOKALO X Edition.

Ticket prices will remain at 5 euros for general admission. Daily tickets will also be available at 7 euros per day as well as an 8 screenings card at 20 euros per card. This year we will have a special policy for unemployed people with 6 free tickets available per screening to holders of the special OAED card. These tickets will be distributed by order of appearance to the box office, starting 45 minutes before each screening and all interested parties may claim them by showing their unemployment card and identity card to the box office. Each person may claim only one ticket to a screening.

This year’s AISFF PSAROKOKALO – X EDITION is organized with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.