Andrei Nuţu

Andrei Nuţu at his Studio in Cluj, photo Dionisis Christofilogiannis

A painting is made of paint and paint has its own logic, and its own meanings  even before it is shaped into the head of a self portrait. Andrei’s painting is both a sum of his recent ideas in life and a  blurry memory of a transparent   drawing and breathless strokes on   canvas. His struggle and the   continues questioning about his  recent past and his actual present  poses every day on his dripping oils  and wiping brushes, smearing and diluting and mixing. Bleary preverbal thoughts are intermixed with the namable concepts, figures and forms that are being represented. I arrived midnight in Belis where the residency took place and all the other artists have been already there about 8 hours earlier. Some of them they were still painting and I show one painting nearly done in a corner... wet oil paint... transparent charcoal drawing on canvas.... I fell in love! was Andrei’s work... he was sleeping at that time... maybe better... I felt the same exact feeling when I first show Victor Man’s works about 15 years ago, for me a painter that words are not enough to tell.
Next day I met him and the puzzle was complete. A beautiful, intelligent, sweet, kind young fellow was anxious to finish his painting. We had long conversations and beautiful moments singing and playing his guitar reviling his rich family background, his qualities and especially his anxiety of - I believe- a bright future! After all as I have graduated from the Art School of Cluj Napoca some years ago and had the great mentor Ioan Sbarciu on my side I feel great to write some words about Andrei because I see also Sbarciu on his side too! At the moment I teach at the American College of Greece – DEREE drawing and painting, and all that because of Cluj! Andrei.... Just go for IT !!!!

Text by Dionisis Christofilogiannis