MatericLook | Francesco Perratone

PAST ­Short Bio­ 
I’ve always been fascinated by computer graphics and I started my informal education during
the 90s, using the first 3d softwares commonly available at the time. 
Not an engineer but I have a formal education in electrical and computer engineering. 
From 2001 to 2006 I worked as artist and freelancer and as computer technician. 
In 2005 I co­founded Galveston, a video studio that remained active until 2011, it was active
in the production of short movies, commercials, music videos and animations. 
During the last years I worked more in the events field, mostly projection mapping and
physical computing/interactive installations. 
Some works: 
In 2006 and 2007 I participated in Michelangelo Pistoletto's Unidee residency, then worked
with the Pistoletto Foundation for a few months. During this period I worked mostly with
photography and computer graphics. 
In 2014 I become CTO of Bibak, active in non­profit humanitarian demining, I experienced
the startups ecosystem participating at StartupBootCamp Netherlands and other events in
I took some courses in nanotechnology, useful for the planning of some landmines sensors
we were developing. 
From 2011 I'm an artist and freelancer, operating in computer graphics, photography, IT and
technology fields. I’ve worked in various fields, from product design and 3d printing to
computer graphics for medical purposes, VFX and videogames.

PRESENT ­Some artworks­ 
My name is Francesco Perratone, I mostly create under the name/label MatericLook. 
Currently most of my art is based on photography and 3D/VFX techniques. I’m working to
make my artistic and visual production my main business, also thanks to new economic and
sustainability models born from the net (Patreon, Curensea and crowdfunding in general) 
My photography works vary from “pure” photography of landscapes, architectural and
sometimes abstract details­photography/ 
to blends of HDR, photomanipulation and also digital painting, some of my series focus on
urban exploration:­urbex/ 
CGI works are surreal 
Or “abstract”, many times I use generative or parametrical techniques.­perratone/humans 
I’m also part of DoPe with Paolo Dolci, abstract oil painter (
), where
we use his works to create “abstract” planet­like structures as still works or animations­dolci/ 
Last but not least, I’m also offering for free educational paths, initially for photography, with
some tutorials/howtos. The idea is to reach extreme concept condensation in very short and
immediate GIF animations::­basics/ 
This permits to beginners and enthusiasts to immediately understand the basis that will
permit them to easily go on and develop more refined photography techniques. 

I’m constantly experimenting new techniques and technologies, excited to see what the
future of technology & interactions will offer in terms of tools. 
I’m no stranger to digital sculpting, miniatures painting, welding and plasma cutting, I plan to
develop these skills further and use them to achieve original and interesting creative results. 
Some of the fields and tech I’m keeping an eye on are Virtual and Augmented Reality, Fast
3D Printing, Hololenses and Holography and AI, a possible technological singularity
 All these have the potential to disrupt how we currently view the world, interact and create. 
New technologies can be perceived very differently from people, depending on their initial
purpose and how they’re in fact used.... That’s one of the aspects where art and artists can
influence society, by finding new and interesting ways to create, through something
unexpected and by discovering innovative possibilities.

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