D'ora Stella

Each day in civil life begins with some illusion and ends with disappointment: a condition that is common - like experiences - to many, and that suddenly fades into a personal and historical (then collective) vacuity.
As a human being and an “art’s utility researcher” I can’t help thwarting the silent acceptance of those limbic times just as I feel I have to contrast the emptiness underlying the idea of art as entertainment.
To look forward, then, means giving something back to a sort of unwritten and shared (also oral) memory, trying to think and understand better what these "non-natural" conditions are stealing from us.
This is a collection of fleshless songs I wrote from 2011 to 2015, concerning adults' normal living experiences such as moving from a lodging to another with your partner, getting a job, finding no satisfaction in working to survive as in being unemployed, trying to adapt yourself to ideas that at some points could be helpful as much as harmful, feeding something like a possible family, or whatever seed. 
I hope this music can be a shelter which hosts people facing their practical and personal difficulties, helping in some way the utopian observers and free listeners, encouraging them in the search of their and others' freedom. 
Thanks very much to Vasco Viviani and Old Bicycle Records, Federico Savini, Giorgia Righini, and Petros for holding me here.
Released January 21th, 2016 with sounds from: Marino Josè Malagnino, Giovanni Lami, Michy, Debora, Jenny Burnazzi, Anisetta.

-Aldo Becca