Memor-i: Games for the blind

In 2015 we did something that had never been done in Greece:
We created 3 electronic games specially designed for blind children and offered them for free to thousands of children who just couldn’t wait for them!
The acceptance was amazing. The children are asking us to keep going.
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What we will do
  • We will create a series of electronic games designed for blind children.
  • We will offer hours of joy and education to thousands of blind children around the world. 
  • We will give everybody the chance to create games based on our solution. 
  • We will allow its easy adaption
  • We will freely share the code of the game. 
  • We will share with interested parties our experience in introducing blind children to the world of electronic gaming.
Why it is important
1,5 year of working with blind children and their professors taught us that the need for games like these is great. There are very few quality electronic games for these children. They are deprived of something basic: the right to play and learn through playing. Also, since they are not familiar with computers they cannot sufficiently develop important skills.
What we have done so far
With the help of EEA and Norway Grants (We Are All Citizens program), we have created 3 electronic games for the blind and have freely distributed them in 2 languages. The reciprocation was astonishing: in less than a year over 1.500 children have played with them around the world, we have been congratulated by organizations from both sides of the Atlantic, and we have received amazing children’s smiles! Have a look at the project up to now.
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