Painted photography backdrops

Backdrops + Fashion 60’s-70’s - Dec 2015

The BACKDROPS project has established as a highly collaborative and learning environment introducing Deree art students' large scale paintings on paper, into a professional collaboration framework with fashion experts on makeup, style and photography. In collaboration wih the MakeUp Lab Schoolof Yannis Marketakis, Deree Art students were invited to paint their backdrops for a special occasion on 60s -70s photo shooting in the studio of MakeUp Lab by the photographer Panagiotis Assonitis. A research and lecture on patterns of 60s and 70s fashion was needed before the actual production in the class. Painting scenic murals are a useful tool for photographers, film producers, advertisers, architects, interior designers, and many others. Backdrops are used for film, TV, print, catalog, trade shows, special events, theatrical, interiors, and more. Deree students, following Instructor advice, they are able to produce many backdrops and collaborate with photographers, designers, artists, architects, stylists, theater and art magazine directors to complete both simple and extremely complex scenic projects. Easily backdrops can also fit on a custom basis with each professional providing initial design concepts, color renderings and final artwork.


From roughly 1860 to 1920 painted photography backdrops were a standard feature of early photography studios. Generally of rustic or quasi-classical design, but sometimes presenting a bourgeoise Trompe-l'œil, (is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. Forced perspective is a comparable illusion in architecture.) backdrops eventually fell out of fashion with the advent of the Brownie and Kodak cameras which brought photography to the masses with concurrent changes to
public sensibility. As they were produced for six decades by local artisans, backdrops can provide important clues to the provenance of old family photographs for genealogical research and their staged influence lives on in "old-timey" photography sets. Furthermore, backdrops are of some interest to specialized collectors of the history of photography.

Collaboration of Deree Art School students and MakeUp Lab Students

Project: 60s – 70s Backdrops for Fashion

When: Monday, December 21st, 15:00 – 20:00

Where: MakeUp Lab

Organized by: Dionisis Christofilogiannis, PhD Instructor, Visual Arts an Art History, Deree and Yannis Marketakis Head of MakeUp Lab School


American College of Greece - Deree students
(Instructor: Dionisis Christofilogiannis):
Antonopoulou Viktoria, Davouti Despoina, Geidatzis Jannis, Glykou Melina, Makrygiorgos Nikolaos, Papadimitriou Aliki, Smigadi Iliana, Vamvakoula Athina,
Vourliotaki Thisvi, Nikiforos Michalarias, Alexiou Sofia, Andreou Afroditi, Bozoviti Anthi, Skavantzou Areti, Stavroulakis Pavlos, Amarisia Paragioudaki, Eleni Christofili, Vlavianou Eirini.

Students of Make up Lab by Yiannis Marketakis, Masterclass 2015-2016:
Kiousi Areti, Vasiliadi Gianna, Goniari Magdalini ,Konstantopoulou Vasiliki, Antonoudi Martha, Lambropoulou Christiana ,Roussou Anna, Daskalopoulou Fei, Diamanti Maria, Meintani Maria, Michaloutsou Katerina, Baltzi Anna, Sideri Tzortzina, Stavropoulou Natasa, Terizaki Chrysoula.

Photography: Panagiotis Assonitis