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9th Internation al Short Film Festival Psarokokalo

Screenings Under The Moonlight


August 2015

5-9 Αntiparos island, Cine Oliaros



For the 9th year, the International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo gathers the best short films from the most important international film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Rotterdam, Clermont Ferrant and others) which make their debut in Greece.

A global mosaic of film works through the selection of approximately 4000 movies from 68 countries , gives viewers the opportunity to discover the artists of the future, and come into contact with different cultures, through the seventh art. The program includes fiction films, cartoons and documentaries, which are signed by promising emerging artists and experienced filmmakers

At the same time the new competition section ARCHITECTURE FILM DAY is inaugurated, in the section of Thematic screenings.

This year the festival collaborates in the artistic supervision with the visual artist
George Vavilousakis .

Especially for the 9th event , Athens International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo does the premiere in Antiparos island on Summer cinema Oliaros from 5 until 9 of August.


In October on 8-9-10 the festival gives appointment in the Artistic station of Hydra island and ends with the prize awards on 16-17 October at the School of Fine Arts in Athens, Pireos 256 & in Piraeus where the Film Market Psarokokalo will be hosted.





The International competition section of the 9th event includes screenings of selected short films from around the world of fiction, animation, documentary and experimental films. All films compete for the festival's audience award.

This year for the first time in the choice of the Competition Section in collaboration with the team of Psarokokalo festival is the film critic Akis Kapranos.


Indicatively two of the films that will do their premiere in Greece:

Do not speak about love 23 'Fiction
Samir, a nervous and impulsive high school student is in love with Lea, one classmate in a wheelchair .After his unjust expulsion from school, he is preparing his revenge.


The man with a dog 27 'Fiction
Youssef lives as an isolated outcast. His only friend is his dog Chagatai. One evening on the beach dog dissapears. In order to find him Youssef must participate in a risky mission through the slum of Casablanca.

This section Thematic Screening includes tributes to major international festivals, famous directors, and other special screenings. So far, the festival has hosted tributes to international festivals in Amsterdam, of Sarajevo, Salford and Hollyshorts, tributes in Romanian, Mexican cinema in the faculty Sam Spiegel Film and Television School of Israel, a tribute to filmmakers Roy Anderson and FrancoisOzon etc.


The 9th organization includes in its program the following tributes:

Sardinia Film Festival
Creation of a tribute to Italian cinema with selected awarded films from the INTERNATIONAL Film Festival Sardinia.


Modern Korean Cinema.
The programmer Sebastien Simon selects and introduces us to young filmmakers whose films will be screened at the festival.


Sebastien Simon

Born in 1983 in Colmar, France, Sébastien Simon is a graduate from the E.S.E.C film school and from Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne, and started out as a Paris-based film editor. Now as international, nomadic director since 2011, he also works for the Busan International Short Film Festival, the Jeju-do French Film Festival, the Seoul International Extreme-Short Film Festival (South Korea) and the Rencontres Cinématographiques de Cavaillon (France).

Indicatively from the Korean movies that will be hosted in the festival:

Mould PARK Chun-kyu trailer : 

Won-gi has no idea about life and death of his mother living in a house.Their bleak relationship gets better after a mysterious woman showed up.But Won-gi's house is going moldy.

Because of the cherry blossoms OH Dongha

This is a story about the beginning of love between a couple. They fall in love while walking along a street full of cherry blossoms in Seoul. They used to be platonic friends in the past.

Tenderly Crunch JANG Young-sun

Unsold cookies are exiled to storage. Sadly, a brand new snack Melon ball fails to draw attention from consumers and ends up being sent to the storage even though it came out with great expectations. Choco ball, which was given away as a freebie attached to Melon ball, also complains about his situation but feels sympathetic and pitiful toward Melon ball.

This year we also import a NEW Department, the << ARCHITECTURE FILM DAY >> that operates as a beginning point to ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOP FILMS in collaboration with Ersi Krouska, an expert in Architecture & Design entitled:

<<A transition from the urban to the island-countryside scenery>>

How significant is this transition to modern architecture and contemporary design? Can a modern architectural masterpiece adjust at its place ? What difference has an environment made by the nature and an environment made by human? What is the relation of a dirty and abandoned concrete building in the center of a city, with its cozy sunny rocks of Aegean island?

Ersi Krouska was born in 1983 in Athens, where she lives and works.
She graduated from the University of architecture Greenwich, in London,
2007. With intermediate practice time in the office 'Moving Architecture'.
She worked on the museology with Sonia Charalambides-Divani and architects RCL.
Since September 2010 and for a year worked at the 'Campana's Workshop in
Athens', created to design the New Hotel in Athens. The workshop applied the creative thinking of the brothers Campana ledfrom Sao Paulo and under the supervision of George Tzirtzilaki in Athens. From April 2009 she participates in national and international design and art exhibitions.
From July 2009 she works on independent architectural and design projects in her studio 'Ersi Krouska architecture + design'. She has edited together with Popi Krouska, the exhibitions 'Design 2011' and 'Anti-Design 2014' that were made in Athens. In February 2013 she was awarded with the Architizer A + Popular Award category 'Architecture and Economic Crisis' in New York, for the project @kinito.

Indicatively films that will be hosted in the festival:

Off-History Selini Halvadaki

Through the story of an unfinished building, Off-History explores the current economic and social crisis in Greece and the mechanisms that structure our private and collective memories.

Island Selini Halvadaki

Island is a sensual, lyrical conversation with the island of Andros in Greece. Site inspired movement takes place in waterfalls, beaches, trees, fountains and trails. The film is an exploration of the senses through movement, nature, the elements and time.

PSAROLOCO could not be absent from the Festival which since 2010 is part of international Short Film Festival PSAROKOKALO. The Psaroloco Media Literacy / Labs is a film screening program specially designed for children and teens, with selected award-winning short films. Its purpose is to familiarize the audiences tyro with key terms of the cinematic experience, to promote experiences of media Literacy and strengthen the critical ability of the child and the ability to decode images. The Psaroloco program gives priority to vulnerable groups of children and adolescents. (


New Partnerships
This year the festival travels abroad to develop a spirit of friendship and cooperation with international festivals and filmmakers from around the world. Under this framework , Psarokokalo travels in June in Sardinia, Italy, invited from the Sardinia Film Festival, in order to present to the public in Italy the new generation of Greek filmmakers. Also the International Short Film Festival PSAROKOKALO is recognized by the International EFFE Review Committee and is a member of EFFE platform, which consists of festivals that stand out for their artistic quality and have a major impact at local, national and international level. (


While the Psarokokalo festival is one of the 28 members of the non profit organization NISI MASA (European Network of Young Cinema) France, which favors the promotion of cinematic art European players.


The festival is involved for the first time under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.