Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Malcolm Holmes (OMD) contribute to new Ummagma 'Freqeuncy' EP

"Back in 2013, Dani Charlton crowned them the winners of the Alternative Eurovision. A really nice breathy bit of electronic postrock dreampop postrock and a bit of shoegaze in there as well. Definitely a lot of reverb. Loving that - well up my street" -  Shell Zenner, Amazing Radio

"I love the sound, the emotion, the clean cool space. If Underworld or Chemical Bros did Lama, it would be proclaimed an instant classic" - A.R. Kane

"This is really very cosmic music. Made of stardust. I particularly like Ummagma, whose magical sounds will touch you or you have no heart!" - Joe Foster (Creation Records)

"Ummagma are at the forefront of new shoegaze and dreampop... lifts you gently weightless into orbit, suspended in a sea of twinkling synthesizer stars...a first class ticket into hyperspace" - UK producer Fran Ashcroft (Damon Albarn, Lords of Acid)

"A nice slice of electronic pop with a psych folk twist" - Ray Dickaty (Spiritualized)

Just one week until the release of Ummagma's long-awaited 'Frequency' EP with 5 original tracks & sweet icing on the cake - 3 remixes by top UK producers - Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins, Malcolm Holmes of OMD, and Marc Joy of Lights That Change

Their uniquely blissful dreamy sound has also won them key support from numerous early 4AD and Creation Records artists, not to mention the 2013 Alternative Eurovision victory on Amazing Radio, a major Rolling Stone Russia feature, and charting and awards in 5 countries.

Sorry how I slide
All the way down low
All the way so can’t even find me

Funny how I fly
In the thick of rules
In the thick, does nothing but bind me

Hard to say but time to say it
Running in circles chasing your own tail
Hard to say but time to say it
Time to make time for making your own way

Do do do
Not alone, not living in solace
Do do do
On my road and this one is toll-less
No no no don’t say to me
You’re on your own in loneness
Not quite so, no you’re never alone no
Do do do
Not alone, not living in solace
No no no don’t say to me


from Frequency, releases November 13, 2015