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Stamatios   Koutouzis


As a constructor I’m trying to combine simplicity and functionality in the best of my aesthetic awareness respecting natural forms and colour.
I believe that design is flexible .Constitutes of an idea and the execution of it by readjusting the primary idea and space, to full fill certain needs, so the result may be 100% functioning and of a high aesthetic value.
Recycling of materials is something  i  always  have   in  mind . Never   forget   , recycling may be a very cheap and very efficient way to design-create .Feeling the urge to provide lower prices for my customers    , recycling turns to a very important tool in my hands .Let alone its eco- friendly  character
I respect   traditional architecture and the design  that  occurs , as I understand that everything emerges of a greater need of human to live as comfortable as he can manage to ,using what’s available.
A very important issue that preoccupies me, is the connection of any given construction with its surroundings .Using materials provided by the landscape is always a descreat  ligament .

144 design and construction consists of:

Themelina Gerakiou-MA Interior Design

Stamatios Koutouzis-constructor