This project is about branding a place that is sole purpose is to house companies with great vision towards innovation from every possible industry and have them cooperate. The brand is targeting companies and brands that are pursuing constant growth and expansion on new design avenues in the field of design. Therefore this place is named as Vanguard Avenues as the brand is clearly for those who are seeking new ideas and make them happen by collaborating and developing. The brand concept is about exploring new paths by intersecting and being open to new experiences. The concept is to predominantly bring out the fact that the brand is always seeking new possibilities and making limitless paths for a groundbreaking future. The logo is inspired by the values of growth and movement of the brand. Therefore the logo is inspired by dynamic visual systems in creating more flexible and refreshing logo. As the brand is about creating new paths the logo changes its links and paths and makes it dynamic. These logo versions are to be used on promotion materials especially when the logo is repeating on similar materials, instead of using the same logo the logo versions could be used. Brand colours will be blue and silver. Blue is used to show the corporate factor and the stability of the brand, meanwhile silver emphasises futuristic Besides the brand is used san serif as to show more straightforward personality, the typography is mainly inspired by road signage typefaces as to bring more of the notion of avenues. Wayfinding system is also inspired by the concept of avenues. For instance, each floor is considered as a street and each street can be owned by chain brands and have their sub brands under sub streets or two streets (two major brands or organisations) can come together and start a new brand that can be a new avenue.

Premuditha Perera

Branding & Visual Communication Designe