Spread The Sign

Spreadthesign.com is a platform giving everybody, everywhere, access to sign language. Kurppa Hosk developed their brand identity and digital design.

The number of hearing-impaired people in the world is estimated at 70 million but there is no universal sign language – there are hundreds of them. To facilitate communication, spreadthesign.com is documenting and sharing all of these languages. Kurppa Hosk was asked to create a brand platform and a visual identity for this important initiative.

To articulate the over-all mission “Giving everyone the right to a language”, we created a visual identity that focused on the most essential tool for sign language – the hand.

A visual expression that challenges common conceptions of handicaped and hearing impaired tools. Kurppa Hosk was proud to win a special merit for Spread the sign’s typography, awarded by the Tokyo Type Directors Club in 2014.


European Sign Language Centre (ESC) is a non-profit organization promoting access to and use of sign language. One way they are doing this is by documenting all the different sign languages in the world and making them accessible through a digital service, called spreadthesign.com. Essentially, a global online dictionary for the hearing impaired. Kurppa Hosk supported the initiative by creating a distinctive visual identity for Spread the sign, including a specially designed typography with icons for every letter in the sign-language alphabet.