Portopollo Landscapes


Roberto Mazzoni is an Italian artist, eclectic in his cinematographic artworks and multi-faceted in his compositions. His passion for lights and shadows contrasts is the fingerprint of Roberto's creation, representing the eternal dance of apparently opposite forces, really different aspect of the same great Nature .His art gets exactly right the unicity of every moment, revealing a truth we often forget, but that stands forever in Roberto's work. 
Born in the magical city of Rome from a German mother, Roberto combines and connects the natural Italian taste for beauty with the technical skills of Nordeuropeans. 
He was introducted in the world of photography, press, media and video production since he was very young, following his irresistible passion.To give to his natural passion and talent strong bases he decided to attend a filmaking course at the famous Cinema Academi Roberto Rossellini in Rome, enriching his potential and experience. He worked with the famous Italian documentarist Alberto Pandolfi, for Ap Production Tv, travelling all around the world producing documentaries in Madagascar, Africa, South East Asia and South America.
Roberto's talent opened the doors to an opportunity of work for the prestigious Vatican Television C.T.V in the Vatican city as video maker, video editor and camera controller for more than 20 years, during which he strengthened his ability to multitask problem solving, training his experience in video production using highly sophisticated material. Following the willing to fulfill his creative hunger, Roberto worked to different projects with many productions in Italy and abroad, for movies, documentaries, musical video, advertisments, sport competitions, portraits of emblematic people. Roberto, whose creativity is limitless and in constant evolution, is always challenging himself by welcoming all type of projects and collaborations, looking forward to increase his experience.

Filmmaker Roberto Mazzoni