Glassware Design, Whisky Set

The Chill collection, creates a marvelous interplay between past and present. Echoing the old tradition of adding stones cooled in the water of local rivers to chill the whisky, the marble base is designed to be placed in the freezer in order to keep the drinks cold, fresh and undiluted.

Brand: Nude Glass

The glass incorporates a subtle curve creating a natural movement of the contents, in doing so increasing both flavour and aroma. 

The glass - marble pairing completes each other with soft, puzzle like curves. Spherical base of glass brings a playful, tactile feeling to design, while the marble’s concave form creates a smooth yet steady surface for glassware to lie. This two pieces look as if they could be separated into different shapes that have distinct functions, yet come back together into a flawless, highly contrasting composition. The form and function converge to define a contemporary minimal silhouette.

Hazal Balasar

Multidisciplinary Designer