FLORA - An aroma humidifier using capsules

Modern people usually spend their time indoors. Not just work but also taking a rest, they still spend their time indoors. So, the comfortable indoor environment is the most important thing to rise the efficiency of the work and stay healthy. To make comfortable environment, humidity is an important factor. 

FLORA is a humidifier that can control humidity by using aroma capsules. Normally, the common aroma humidifiers distill water and aroma together, but FLORA spread aroma in quite different ways. It doesn’t distill water and aroma together. It distills the water first, then spreads aroma after together. 


A design with a flower bud motif

The shapes of FLORA's body itself and its steam exhaust port which spreads steam from the capsule are designed from a flower bud. The design of the exhaust port which is like fluttering petals is not only a lovely design but also helps the steam and the aroma spread effectively. Just like petals fluttering and transmitting  scents, FLORA not only controls the humidity but also spreads the scent.


Convenient capsule method

Since the aroma capsule is located on the top of the humidifier, you can easily recognize what type of aroma you are using, and can easily change it. Even when you want to change the scent of aroma, you do not have to wait until the water is completely distilled. You can remove the aroma capsules that you used and wear other aroma capsules.


Simple appearance, safe distillation method

The cover of the humidifier not only protects the internal structure of the humidifier, but also helps to have a simple appearance. When you lift the cover of the humidifier to open, the inside has a water tank filled with water and a structure necessary for distilling water. FLORA uses a heated distillation method to boil water and eject steam. Heated steam prevents the generation of bacteria in water and supports the aroma scent being delivered efficiently.


FLORA is a humidifier designed to solve the problems of existing aroma humidifiers. While using the function of the aroma humidifier completely, the user doesn’t have to feel worried or uneasy by the humidifier. Moreover its own function and convenience which the conventional aroma humidifier does not have can provide a better lifestyle to the user.

Euikyun Koh

Industrial Designer