Space Oddity packaged

Three vinyl cases for a recording of Space Oddity as performed by the Langley School’s Music Project.

The design was inspired by the qualities of this particular interpretation of Space Oddity – namely, the percussive sounds, reminiscent of hand-claps, drum-rolls and balloon bursts, and the “unrefined” voices of the children of the Langley School’s Music Project choir. The interpretation is at once innocent and raw, playful and rough. The aim was that the vinyl packaging convey all these qualities, as well as relate to the themes of the song itself.

The design process began by adopting the origami water bomb as a visual translation of the song’s “explosive” percussive elements and its playful nature. (The origami water bomb produces a “hollow” clapping noise when crushed, and is also an object of play). This visual metaphor was then consolidated with other origami folding patterns for spacecraft, in accordance with the theme of the song. Next, attempts were made to adapt the patterns for use as vinyl packaging.

The vinyl cases in their final form, each consist of a single cut and folded piece of white paper (adhesives were not used). The folding pattern of the origami water bomb has been applied to the back surface of all three cases, while the folding pattern of a different origami spacecraft has been applied to the front flap of each. The cases are inserted into a plastic envelope bearing a label. The label accompanying each case includes a diagram of both the folded water bomb, and of the corresponding folded spacecraft.

supervision: Vasilis Marmatakis, Vakalo Art & Design College

photography: Thodoris Fragkos []