Paper sculpture for Antalis storefront

Paper sculpture for Antalis storefront 2016/17

Antals is a store at Stureplan, Stockholm, that sells premium paper. Our class was given an assignment to create the material to their christmas storefront to spread winter feeling, inspire their costumers and catch the attention of people passing by. 
Our task was to build paper sculptures with the theme "graphic winter". I created an enlarged snowflake built in octahedrons.
The task was to create a paper sculpture built in paper for the storefront of Antalis during the christmas time.

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Brobygrafiska Team

Brobygrafiska Team might be one of the most awesome teams in the world. Dedicated students from the heart of Värmland, Sweden, are creating and sharing their projects to reveal their deepest wish - to become a professional designer. This school is located in a little town named Sunne. To prevent creative overload, we´ve untied the geographical limit and emerge it onto the plattform of Behance.